Humility and devotion to have openness of life long learning of  wisdom and knowledge.
Brings in the balance of the scales of justice…and compassion  recognises the Eternal Flame that burns within us all.
We should delight in serving the deserving with a free and loving heart.
Loyalty and unselfishness is the talent of creating and supporting life.
We have a desire to seek the truth! And create spiritual commitment.
Serving Humanity with humility ,freeing yourself and others from outmoded beliefs and negative patterns.
Releasing what is potentially destructive to prepare yourself for a new and spiritual path.
To fearlessly navigate different levels of consciousness
To have the ability to see potential in all life
Blessings always

I was born at a very early age. I soon realized my “family” were not for me!
I was always the rebel .
After 8 years, in Her Majesties hotel I realized the senselessness of trying to fight the System:
there had to be something else!!!
And then an Angel gave me a guitar, and I saw my sorrow on notes,
lines and choruses, I sang my feelings to the Crowd, my burdon was lifted.
The World is no less evil for my toil.
There is LIGHT in darkness and that light is SPIRIT………………..
that brings me to Melayne, my wife my guide and my love…..
We sing together in praise of Creation and positivity…
for this Universe and  beyond…….
As above…so below…Love will never die

R. STONE ….. 2007 AD