The Cockney SongBird

Internationally acclaimed spiritualist medium psychic councellor.
Fith generation psychic. Seventh daughter of a seventh child.
Through lifelong adversity, Melayne, naturally gifted, has been educating and counciling individuals in need all Her life.
Melayne works with Angel and Archangel hierarchy and ascending masters. Crystal ball divination. Master of the Tarot and Viking runes. Past life, dreams, aura analysis…
Reader to the stars and people from all walks of life… Past, Present and Future.
Mel will put your mind at ease with her understanding and sensitivity.
During your reading no questions will be asked, all done with love and compassion.
All readings are taped and confidential…..
Private and Party bookings
Postal and phone readings
Corporate Companies welcome

For Bookings & Further Information call
(+44) (0)7710 102670

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Somebody asked me about my life, a live text on Your Destiny TV
I could not ignore what was on the screen.
I had to answer it because my life has allways been a difficult path, but I chose it that way thousands of years ago.
This lifetime for me I have suffered beyond any kind of torment, rejection, brutality, lonelyness and pain.
I have never felt i belong in this World, though i would never want to change any of that.
Its been about life lessons and seeing the uglyness of the human race.
I have allways had my faith and allways known that Angels and Archangels have been with me since birth, and have never spiritually ever been alone, for they have allways walked with me and protected me.
Ive seen my life pass in front of my eyes so many times.
Been nearly murdered and raped by my own familly, my childhood robbed from me.
The strange thing is I don’t feel bitter,allthough sometimes I ask myself why.
How can people be so full of darkness and be so cruel and evil?
So full of wickedness and hate Ive had many crosses to bare.
I can never change the past,but i will embrace the future with a pure heart.
All i have is all i am,and all i am is Me. To connect with the divine is to find inner peace.
This is my true birthright.Mylife will allways be of a spiritual path.
My destiny is to reach out to the World with love in my heart for the people,
the needy the destitute the deserving of life;to you i will allways be true,
to myself and the creator of all things. All that i have is love, love for all of life.

We will break down the walls of ignorance making all enemies friends.

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